2 months old baby

Question: Hii.....what is the remwdies for babies jitteriness

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Question: Hii, Typhoid vaccine is compulsory for babies
Answer: Every vaccine is compulsory for baby don't take rest with baby is Life OK
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Question: What is the reason for the babies head vapour
Answer: Hi Dear! Do you mean baby's head is hot? If yes; Please note its normal, Its either for their metabolic rate which is high or because the brain is developing as said by my pead and expect it to be hot till 3-4 yrs or so. Good luck!
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Question: What is the Exact age for brushing teeth for babies
Answer: Hi! Brushing needs to be started just after a tooth erupts in the mouth, you can use a non fluoride paste till 2 yrs of baby's age and soft bristled brush.. Hope this helps!
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