Few days old baby

Question: Hii ...to feed my baby nipples are very tiny ..what to do..how to feed my baby

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Answer: Hello! Please do not take stress. This will affect your milk supply in turn. You can try nipple shield. Wear it and feed the baby. You will also get nipple puller in the medicine shops. Get that to pull the nipples. Simultaneously use breast pump also. This not only stimulates the milk glands but also helps to bring the nipples out. Take care
Answer: Hi dear, Usually post delivery once the baby starts to latch,nipples takes its size.you can pull it out for baby.trying a breast pump ,would also help you to pull out for your baby,if baby has not learnt latching.
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Question: How to breastfeed my baby ,he is not sucking nipples for feed ,I have to pump milk and feed him but I want him to feed himself by breastfeed what to do to teach him properly.?????
Answer: dear newborns take time to learn but don't be tensed you can apply some ice to make your nipples erect and then give the nipple deeper into the baby's mouth so that the baby sucks see if this helps.
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Question: My breast nipples are getting very dry,what should i do for it?
Answer: Hey dear its due 2 harmonal changes so dear apply coconut oil on ur breast nipples twuce a day its a natural.moisturize try it
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Question: My breast nipples are getting very hard,what should i do for it?
Answer: Dear the nipples will become hard and large as the pregnancy progresses don't worry. Its normal.
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