40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii...my daughter is 15 days old..how to find that baby is feeding enough milk...

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Answer: Hello dear. If the baby is not cranky and is not crying because of hunger then ur baby is feeding properly. Usually baby takes 3 to 4 hours after the feed if the tummy gets full. Hope it helps.
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    reshmi balu846 days ago

    Thank you ma'am...

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Question: How should i find that my baby drinking enough milk...
Answer: Hi,if you are able to feed your baby for 15-20 mins from each side every two hours than it is good enough Also if the baby gets 3-4 heavy diapers in a day it shows that the bag is getting enough feed So don't worry
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Question: My daughter is 54 days old baby....i don't knw whether she receive enough milk? Hw to find dis...?
Answer: If the baby pees frequently like more than 6 times and weight gain is also normal , no need to worry. We don't have any other way to find if breast milk is sufficient or not
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Question: How to find baby is getting enough milk from mother feed. I'm worried am i having enough milk to feed 15 days old son
Answer: Hie You can judge that if your baby has 5--6 wet diapers Checking in on no of times your baby passes urine is the best way to know if he is well feeding
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