5 months old baby

Question: Hii.. my baby is 5 months old.. after suggested by doctor we have started giving her sooji ki kheer.. her potty is light yellow in color from 2 days.. is it normal??

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Answer: it is good to exclusively breast feed your baby till 6 months from birth. It's better to go for continuing with the formula until 6 months gets completed. After that you can actually feed cerelac or porridge made with wheat flour or all purpose flour.
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Question: My baby 23 days old. She starting breast feeding from 5 days old.when she feeding her potty color getting yellow and loose. Loose potty any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.infact breastfed babies have less chance of constipation.the nutrients are readily absorbed compare to formula fed babies.since their digestive system is still in developing stage,loose potty would be a recurrent issue for some months.no to worry though.
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Question: Today my 5 months baby had done very light yellow color potty is there some problem
Answer: No yellow colour potty is Normal if the baby is on breastfeeding then sometimes baby also pssses green colour potty if the baby pass black colour potty then need to worry unless it's fine don't worry it's absolutely fine
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Question: Hi doctor My baby is 7 months old and we have started solid food for her. We are giving rice and vegetables like carrot and beetroot. Today she had passed stools after every time we fed her. Is it normal ?
Answer: Yeh its normal...may be in her food their is the high consistency of iron thats why she passed after every fed.. But make sure stool must be thick
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