22 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby is 1 yr 9 month old he is very choosy in eating. He eats 2 - 3 bites of each food items and loose his interest. Please suggest how can i give him healthy diet?

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Question: My son doesn't eat anything except drinking milk. Sometimes he is in mood eats chapati 2 3 bites. Please suggest how to make him eat. And from what food items we must start
Answer: Hi dear, Children eat what dey like I used to think the way ur doing. Give her uska favourite chips or biscuits she vl know it but when it comes to proper home food they deny it. So basically there's no problem it's a phase every child eventually has to eat and grow . Try sitting with children of her age group and if one eats all of them eat seeing each other. The tym my child started going to play group he eats and drinks before that I was just giving him mashed food. So don't worry.
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Question: My baby is 1year and 1 month old can you pls tell me his food charts. He is very choosy in eating
Answer: Hi Mom, here are the diet chart for your baby, it has varity as well as nutrition you can keep on changing the menu matching the suggested food with each other and serve to your baby. As baby lose interest very easily so this chart will help you to give idea. Early Morning BM/ Formula Breakfast Besan ka cheela Vegetable poha Egg sandwich Sweet potato kheer Suji Upma Ragi dosa Aloo parantha Mid Meal Baked Sweet Potato Fries Water melon scoops Potato wedges Cheeku pieces Banana slices Lunch Chhole rice Chapati with dal and cauliflower potato curry Curd rice with rasam Rice, dal and green beans Kadhi chawal Chicken soup with bread Rice with fish Afternoon Cheese pieces Banana smoothie Fruit yogurt Curd with banana French Toast Cheeku smothie Papaya milkshake Dinner Chapati with Okra(bhindi) curry Parantha with paneer bhurji Vegetable soup with jeera rice Rice with egg curry Paneer parantha Late night BM/ Formula
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Question: My 2 yr old stopped eating food. He dont chew. Keeps bites on side of his mouth. He takes semi solids but stopped chewing roti
Answer: Hello! Probably he does not have any appetite. Try these to help him to eat. 1. Include in family meals, 2. Encourage self feeding. 3. Bring attractive plates and bowls and server in that. 4. Do not force feed. Also babies loose appetite if they are down with cold and cough or any other sickness. Then please wait for the appetite to return and don't force the baby. Take care
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