9 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby is 0 mnth old last 2 mnths she is hvg white patch on her face.. wht to do

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Question: My baby is 2 month old, she is getting acne on her face and white dry thing on her head what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear .. don't worry this is common in newborn babies their skin get dry and it's called baby acne.. i am also mother of 2 month old baby and i have also faced same problem. #You can apply coconut oil on your baby's face on regular basis and don't keep baby skin dry. #You can also apply your breast milk on baby face and after 10 minutes clean with warm filtered water # while giving bath to your baby you can use besan to clean baby body rather than soap. some layer on your baby's scalp which is also normal ,Don't keep your baby scalp dry , apply coconut oil regularly, dry skin will Start loosening and then clean with soft baby brush. by applying coconut oil only i was able to remove and clean that layer. Hope this will help.
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Question: my baby is 76 days old. and she has little white patch on her cheek. what to apply on her skin to avoid white patch ?
Answer: Hello dear. It could be happening due to dry skin. Apply coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel as that helps when my daughter gets white patches in winters. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is getting white patch on his face what should 1 do he is 4 months old
Answer: U should be consult ur pediatrician i thought that was calcium deficiency.
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