2 months old baby

Question: Hii mam.i delivered through section..when can i have tubectomy ..plz suggest me

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Question: When can I start doing yoga? I delivered through c-section.
Answer: Generally, you can start yoga after 6 to 8 weeks of having had baby. But before you engage in yoga or any other exercise, ensure that you consult your doctor about your own health and well being, to gauge your body's ability to undertake all kinds of physical stress, stretching and muscle pull. Start with simple breathing exercises when you start and do them for 2-3 weeks and then start with basic stretches. You can start with pelvic floor exercises after that. Pregnancy can put a strain on your pelvic floor, so these exercises are important. Once you feel comfortable with pelvic floor exercises, you can start with other exercises. But do not push your body beyond limits. Listen to your body while exercising.
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Question: When can I have sex after c section with tubectomy
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Although you may experience slightly less bleeding with a cesarean section, it will still take about six weeks for your cervix to close completely. And you should have intercourse again once given the ok by your obstetrician and when you feel comfortable. Take care.
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Question: when can I start my sex life? I delivered through c-section
Answer: Hello! after giving birth, your uterus takes about six weeks to return to its normal size and for your cervix to close back up. It is best to wait to resume any sexual relations until after the cervix has closed.
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