4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii mam i confirm my pregnancy im again pregnant after miscarriage in December also lost my 1st born in may 2018 due to macioneum aspiration syndrome plse suggest me what to do i dont want to loose this one again ??

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Answer: Hi Dear! Congratulation! During pregnancy time, blood pressure level increasing is one of the most common thing. It will stimulate your emotion. First of all don't be panic or getting emotion for anything. Avoid go to public places. Spend more time in front of natural. Please consult the doctor properly and asking all your doubt without any shy. Avoid Mercury rich Fish. It's be Dangerous. Please don't take Caffeine in that time. Don't use tablets for the small fever, headache etc. Don't eat not properly cooked foods in that time such as Egg, Fish, Meat like that. Please avoid Processed Food, unpasteurized milk etc. Prefer only natural food. Take Folic Acid Rich food more this time. Take Calcium, Iron rich food also this time. Avoid Processed Junk food also. All the Best Dear!
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    Ziya Aamir Shah457 days ago

    Thanks a lot

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Question: Mam . Was 7 weeks pregnant and was blessing since 3rd of December first 7 days was light brown but yesterday I bleed like periods ane passed clot doctors said I have miscarriage and gives me cytolog tablets to clear utres mam it was my 2nd pregnancy I lost my 1st born after month he got macioneum aspiration syndrome now I was again pregnant but unfortunately I lost it again plzz suggest me what to do I'm soooooooooo depressed
Answer: Very sorry to hear this... Firstly be brave dnt loose hopes. Kindly contact a good gynecologist who will be able to help u out mentally and take you towards success... If you are in Bangalore you can surely contact Dr. Muktha nadig in cloud 9 hospital. She is an awesome doctor. All the best for you in future
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Question: Hiii I'm Ziya...23 ..I'm 5 weeks pregnant it's my 2nd I lost my one month old son in may 12th due to macioneum aspiration syndrome now it has been 6 months I'm again pregnant please suggest me how to prevent MAS syndrome and I'm not too much active I don't work so much I always do some domestic work at home that's it is this OK for me and my baby? ??
Answer: Hello, it's sad to know about your baby. Ziya, you should have given time for your body to heal after your first pregnancy. Meconium case isn't in our hand. That just happens. Even my son had passed meconium during the Labor and then emergency c-section was conducted. There is place called birth village in Kerala. They go with normal and healthy deliveries. Kindly explain your case to them they will help you out. All the best.
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Question: Hii mam it's my 2nd pregnancy 1st was deleverd via c section at 40th week it was late for my baby he got macioneum aspiration syndrome now I want to ga for c section again please tell me wich week is good for c section Cox I don't want lose my another baby
Answer: Dear as per my advice go for c. Sec when u complete ur 38 weeks it's enough time to keep ur baby in womb... Actually I also lost my baby due to high bp n late operation..
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