1 months old baby

Question: Hii ma'am now my baby is 44 days old still i have not given vaccination is it ok

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Answer: Hi..the first vaccination happens immediately after the birth of child..the second vaccination has to be given only after 45 days..it's ok to get the child vaccinated by 50 days also..but don't delay too much.
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    Shivani Naik931 days ago

    Thank u ma'am

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Question: My baby is 4½ months old. 6,10 and 14 weeks vaccination is given to baby. Doctor did not suggest 6 months vaccination. He said to have MMR vaccination at 9 months? Is it ok to skip 6 months vaccination ?
Answer: Hi dear. it is not advisable to skip any vaccination . I will advise you to take another opinion , visit some other doctor to discuss about the same . 6 month vaccination is really really important for a baby to keep herself away from associated diseases . so it is not good to step that
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Question: Is it is okey if delay vaccination for 15 days... Now my baby is 78 days old but third vaccination should given in 10 weeks.. It seems
Answer: Hi dear, yes if it got delayed for some reason then also you should get it done. Delay is fine than skipping it.
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Question: My baby is now 5 month old but still i have not got my periods is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine as u must be exclusively feeding so moms don't get period till 6 to 7 months but if u r not feeding and still not getting period then it can be possible that u have some low hb level and u should get it checked ti doctor
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