30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii.. im 29 week pregnant now. Im a working women. I need to walk and stand long duty my working hours as im a hospital employee. I did scanning 3 days before and my doctor told me that my baby is already in cephalic position. What all things i should take care about now?

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Answer: hi dear! as long as you are not getting pain after the standing and no breeathlessness after the walking then its not a problem. also you will have to avoid going to xray room and try to sit or take rest after minor works. try not to work in the ot . and you will have to wear a mask and roam in the hospitals dear you can take a n95 mask and work dear. as people come with many infections which cannot be good for you dear. and take good care of the hygiene like washing hands before eating and washing them thoroughly. and rest all the basic hygiene. and also dont eat outside dear. you should carry your own food which is well cooked . take care dear.
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    Nintu Simon606 days ago

    Thank u so much

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