22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii im 21 weeks of pregnant. In Today's 2nd trimester scan dr. Said baby's head down. Take rest. Is there any major complications? Plz tell me what to do?

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Answer: Hi, actually baby's head will be down in trimester with as your baby's head is down in second trimester doctor should have said to take rest please do as doctor says.
Answer: No nothing to worry at all. It is common. Take rest and enjoy your pregnancy
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Question: Hii im 21 week pregnant.. baby's head down. Dr advise bed rest.. what is the position of lying?plz help
Answer: dear you are 21 weeks pregnant dear the best position to sleeping during pregnancy s left side...it ll increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta nd ur baby...keep ur legs bent nd a pillow between ur legs..take rest as ur gyno suggrst u ,avoid stress nd avoid sex too
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Question: Oct 1 my checkup date Dr told me too take bed rest becoz baby's head is fx on down is any problem Dr nw it's 32 weeks nly she ask me to take 1 mnth rest
Answer: Hi Dr because once the baby head is fix there are chances if early delivery and you have not yet completed your 9 months so Dr wants you to take bed rest to avoid early delivery All the best Take care
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Question: I am 29week pregnant the baby's hips are down n head is upward plz tell me what can I do
Answer: hello.. dear sometimes in some women the babys position is same as yours... but after few weeks they revert and the head position becomes down... so lets hope for the best... all the best
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