22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii im 21 week pregnant.. baby's head down. Dr advise bed rest.. what is the position of lying?plz help

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Answer: dear you are 21 weeks pregnant dear the best position to sleeping during pregnancy s left side...it ll increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta nd ur baby...keep ur legs bent nd a pillow between ur legs..take rest as ur gyno suggrst u ,avoid stress nd avoid sex too
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Question: What is the symptoms of the baby's head down
Answer: Hello! As such there are no symptoms which can help you to understand that the baby's head is down. However, if you have a lump to the left or the right at the top of your tummy, try pressing gently on it. If you feel your baby's whole body move, it suggests that he's in a head-down position. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: Hii im 21 weeks of pregnant. In Today's 2nd trimester scan dr. Said baby's head down. Take rest. Is there any major complications? Plz tell me what to do?
Answer: Hi, actually baby's head will be down in trimester with as your baby's head is down in second trimester doctor should have said to take rest please do as doctor says.
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Question: At 15 weeks pregnancy what is the position of the baby's head? Up ward or down ward of the womb
Answer: Hello dear, at 15 weeks of pregnancy your baby may be in any position..either head up or head down or lying in a horizontal position... and your baby has more space to move around... So there's no fixed baby position for a particular week of pregnancy except for the last month where the baby is in head down position ready to be born...
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