32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii iam 31 week pregnent . i have acidity prob .i have pain in stomach so is it about to worried?

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Answer: Hello congrats dear for your pregnancy 😃..ya I had terrible acidity and bloating issue too😢..I was on antacid prescribed by doctor...along with that I used to take light food which is less spicy . buttermilk helped me alot too..please you too try.eat less at a time.hope you get releif....
Answer: Hope u are fine dear...Dry roast cumin and make in to powder. Soak this powder over night in water. Morning on empty stomach if you drink this water you can get relief from acidity...take care
Answer: Acidity happens during these weeks .. dont worry ...
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Question: iam 29 week pregnent .i have acidity problem continous . light pain in stomach during toilet what should i do?
Answer: Ohhh this is the bad feeling I knw To avoid acid reflex try this tested tried home remedy. In 1 tsp coriender powder add 1tsp sugar mix it and consume with it will gi e you relief with in 10 mins. Apart from it you can also have a cup of cold milk. Tc
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Question: iam 31 week pregnent i feel light pain in bikini area in right side and feel also feel pressure so is it about to worried?
Answer: Well no need to worry as such pains are common when you are in final trimester...as the baby growth is rapid,so the pressure on vagina and surrounding areas would rise too..no need to be worried...
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Question: Iam 31 week pregnent. I have only 47 kg. Iam worry about it. If any problem???
Answer: Hi,nothing to worry.it depends on your weight when you got pregnant because you should gain about 1.5-2 kg of weight every month. So accordingly you can calculate your weight.
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