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Question: Hii i had check seven days before pregnancy test is positive nd today is my 10 th day after missing period then it was negative how can it possible?

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Answer: Hello dear, don't worry. Some times there may be problems in the test kit. So wait for couple of days and then take another pregnancy test. You can take two different test kits for confirmation. Whatever the results will be, consult a gynac after 1 week.
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    Krupa Shah797 days ago

    Tq mam

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Question: My Pregnancy test was positive for 10 days..Nd after 5 days it is negative. .how can it be possible. ...No bleeding no discharge suddenly I got negative test result..kaise??
Answer: Hi dear, there could be some problem in your test kit or possibly you are not pregnant. So, to make sure wait for another week and then take a pregnancy test to confirm and also you should take a beta HCG blood test to check the level of HCG hormone if HCG hormone is increasing then it confirms pregnancy and in both the cases you should consult gynecologist. Hope it helps. Take care.
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Question: Can we take pregnancy test before missing period? How many days before missing period we can take pregnancy test?
Answer: Hi Dear! Takng pregnancy test before missing period will not give accurate result it might show negative, you can look for early pregnancy symptoms. Early signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, but can include vaginal discharge, Implantation bleeding. Temperature. Fatigue. Heart rate. Breast changes. Mood swings etc. Good luck!
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Question: Hii mam after missing period how many days to check a pregnancy test plz reply mam
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally one should test pregnancy after a week of missed period.the hormone level need to surge up to show any positive can also check blood test to confirm early pregnancy,which is quick and precise.wish you all the best.
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