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Question: Hii i am 13 week pregnant and m suffering from vomiting all the day , what can i do ???

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Answer: Hello dear, vomiting is part of your pregnancy. With the time it will limit itself. If you can't eat at thing then you should contact to your doctor for over the counter medicine. Take care dear. all the best.
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Question: hii i m 6 week pregnant I'm suffering from too much vomiting. wht can i do
Answer: Eat little and often Having an empty stomach can make sickness worse. Eating little and often can help keep your sugar levels on an even keel. Keep bland snacks handy for nibbling on throughout the day. Eat protein-rich foods Eat simple, high-protein foods, and those that are rich in vitamin B, such as nuts. Try to avoid rich, spicy, acidic, fatty or fried foods that might trigger nausea. Cold meals can be better than hot ones Cooking smells may bring on feelings of nausea. You may prefer to stick to cold meals until your morning sickness passes Breakfast in bed Getting straight out of bed on an empty stomach can result in you rushing to the bathroom! Have a snack, such as dry toast, in bed and eat it slowly before getting up. Keep a morning sickness diary Tracking when your morning sickness peaks, and when you feel better, can help you to find times in the day when it’s best to eat and drink. Drink between meals If you're finding it hard to keep fluids down, limit drinks during mealtimes. Don’t forget to drink plenty throughout the rest of the day, as staying hydrated is important during pregnancy. Get plenty of rest Stress and tiredness can make pregnancy sickness worse. Make sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation when you can Sniff lemons! The smell of a cut lemon may help to ease your nausea. You can also add lemon slices to iced tea or sparkling water and take sips when you can. Settle your stomach with ginger tea Used in moderation ginger can help to ease nausea. You can make ginger tea using the peeled grated root, or try taking ginger syrup, capsules or tablets. Take pregnancy multivitamins Taking pregnancy multivitamins may help to reduce your feelings of nausea, although there is little evidence to support it. If it doesn’t work, at least taking these vitamins will ensure you’re getting your daily recommended dose of folic acid and Vitamin D Try a complementary therapy Some therapies, such as reflexology and aromatherapy, may help you to cope with sickness. Make sure you go to a qualified therapist, experienced in treating pregnant women Talk to friends who understand Sometimes it helps just to share how you’re feeling with close friends or family who can offer their sympathy and support.
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Question: I am suffering from headache and vomiting sensation I am 5 week pregnant what to do
Answer: Hi. For headache Hi. During the first trimester, your body experiences a surge of hormones and an increase in blood volume. These two changes can cause more frequent headaches. These headaches may be further aggravated by stress, poor posture or changes in your vision.. Maintain your blood sugar by eating smaller, more frequent meals – this may also help prevent future headaches Rest in a dark room and practice deep breathing Take a warm shower or bath If you have a tension headache, apply a cold compress or ice pack at the base of your neck For vomiting Morning sickness can be daunting especially in the mornings and if you are struggling to cope while work consider a few days sick leave to give you body some rest. 1. Try some lemon scent.. woman who sniff on lemons say they symptoms were reduced after sniffing on lemons. 2. Stay hydrated. Keep drinking water even if you feel the urge to hurl. Experts recommend upto 8 glasses of water. 3. Find foods that work for you and keeps you from running to the bathroom. Know that each pregnancy is unique and what worked for a freind might not necessarily work for you. 4. Eat little and eat often 5. Ginger has been know to help either as tea or have a small shaving with your meals 6. Sometimes you might just need to u a bit to let the moment pass before you try again. 7. Try eating some fruit they are rich in nutrients and will help your growing baby
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant..I am suffering from vomiting .what can I do
Answer: Hi dear, Nausea and vomiting as we know is quite common in pregnancy especially in 1st trimester.but some women can get in 2nd trimester and some continue till delivery.the pregnancy hormones to be blamed.but also depends on each body.many donot even get any nausea the entire pregnancy.how lucky!.no need to worry much about your own weight,your baby will be safe and can get nutrients from your saved storage. You can help yourself during nausea by following the tips: 1- eat smaller meals.but eat frequently.as the digestion process slows down due to the growth of baby,eating smaller meals puts less stress to stomach 2- eat non spicy food and eating nuts can releave nausea 3- stay away from caffeine.it triggers nausea 4- eat less salt in food to avoid bloating 5- sniff lemon it refreshes the air around you 6- eating cold food sometimes prevent nausea by not triggering the intense smell of food 7- chew ginger and ajwain 8-drink plenty of water 9-take rest to calm your body 10-If nothing helps,take anti nausea meds,consult your doctor for that.
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