23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii dr. M 21 week pregnant and from last 2 days i had gastic pain in my right ribs dr gave me digine.and whenever i drink the pain goes away for some time.do u consult me some home remedy or any other way to get rid off.

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Answer: Hi it is is very common during this phase of pregnancy know if your doctor has already suggested Digine you can continue with that however there are few basic things which might help you please take a note; Eat before two hrs of sleep. No spicy foods, no maida, no pizza, no burger. Only homemade light food at night time. U can take non citric fruits also. This is wat I was advised that time. Ice cream or milk apparently helps with heart burn. It's caused because of reflux as ur bump pushes the lungs and diaphragm a little upward. Try to lie down in bed with ur head raised preferably by keeping 2 extra pillows. Hope this helps!
Answer: It is because your baby bump is growing and because of which muscle strain happens. It has nothing to do with gastric
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Question: I had normal delivery with 5 stitches on 21 august... Em suffer from constipation ... Kindly suggest me some home remedy to get rid from it....
Answer: Hi for constipation follow below things. Eat a fibre-rich diet A high-fibre diet that contains lots of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, lentils, brown rice and fruit and vegetables. This will provide you with roughage to aid your digestion.  Stay hydrated You should drink between eight and 12 glasses of water every day. Not only will this help with your digestion, but will also keep you away from dehydration. Be active Staying active and exercising will help to prevent constipation. Walking. Start each meal with salad or raw vegetables or fruit and try to have some of the following every day: Fresh fruit, such as orange (santara), guava (amrud), sweet lime (mausambi), grapes (angoor), and grapefruit (chakotra). Dried fruit such as dates (khajoor), raisins (kishmish) and, particularly prunes (munakka). Vegetables, such as cabbage (patta gobhi), spinach (paalak), celery (ajmoda), and watercress (jalkumbji or chansaur). Wholegrain cereals, wholewheat roti and wholemeal bread. Beans, lentils and pulses such as pigeon peas (toor dal), black gram (urad dal), kidney beans (rajma), and chickpeas (chhola). Psyllium husk (isabgol), the seeds from plantain, may be effective for constipation, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Psyllium contains mucilage, which bulks up your poo. You can buy isabgol from any chemist or supermarket, but don't use it if you are taking medication for a heart complaint.  Linseeds (flaxseeds) are rich in fibre and essential fatty acids and are another alternative to psyllium. But drink at least one large glass of water for each teaspoonful of linseeds you have.
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Question: I have a pain in throat, my doctor guide me to do gargals. Can u pls guide me any other home remedy, to get rid from throat pain
Answer: You might need antibiotics soon. Cold cough throat pain go hand in hand usually what you must not if you get fever because of all these three cold can be cured by taking natural remedies but it is important to get the treatment as you are in your last lap of pregnancy taking Ginger with honey or taking turmeric milk at night or adding grated ginger and dates to the boiling milk and drinking the milk once it is with lukewarm or slightly have decreased the temperature and schooler then this will be very effective in treating cold that is minor but for throat pain if it is literally giving you a lot of problem while eating swallowing and speaking then it can be tonsillitis and will need Azithromycin to be treated see your doctor if she can prescribe any other antibiotic looking at the safety.
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Question: I am experiencing right side abdominal mild pain, which goes away after some time. Is it normal or do i need to consult my doctor?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 8 weeks pregnant dear due to physical nd hormonal changes mild abdominal pain s normal during pregnancy. Nothing 2 worry abht .if its unbearable then consult to ur gyno otherwise its normal .take rest ,avoid sex ,take healthy diet nd avoid carry heavy things .try it
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