13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii can I take Real mix fruit juice???

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Answer: Hi dear i will not advise u for the same as it contains sugar and added ingredients . Do avoid having it and take fresh fruit juice which is a healthier choice.
Answer: Yes u can. But make sure there is no pineapple and papaya in it
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Question: Hii... can I take real mixed fruit juice in my pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear for taste u can have but genuinely there is no benefit of taking it as it contains high level of sugar which ia not good during pregnancy. Its better u take fresh fruits juice or much better will be taking whole fruit which will provide u fibre as well
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Question: Can I take Real fruit juice?
Answer: Hello Dear, Yes u can,but these packed juices are preservatives means chemicals are in juice to protect from bacteria...According to me, Fresh juices are more good than real or preservative juices during pregnancy.. because,whatever u feed it will definetly passes through blood- stream of placenta to growing baby which is harmful for unborn baby.Try to avoid packed juices during pregnancy and switch to fresh juices
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Question: Can i have real mix fruit juice ..??
Answer: Hello dear... packed fruit juices contain High sugar content and preservatives... The sugar content will spike up your blood sugar levels... So it is best to avoid it...
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