3 months old baby

Question: Hii all, my 2.5 month old daughter is passing loose stool since her birth. I have consulted it with my pead .He told me 15-20 poop is norml for BM taking babies. My baby is EBF abd passing stool 10-15 times daily. Any suggestions for the remedy. I have also done with her stool test which signifies no infection found

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Answer: Hello dear, it's fine. You have to keep trust on your padeatric dear.
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    K Mishra728 days ago

    Thanks for answering.but now paed has suggested me to give yamoo drops with BM and also start zerolac additionally with BM .

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Question: My baby is having loose stool for few days..is loose stool relate with teething in babies have any connection?
Answer: hi dear, during teething period most of the baby suffer from loose motion. Its normal . saliva production in the mouth is more during teething and babies may swallow lots of saliva during the stage which may disturb the balance of the gastric system causes diarrhoea. here I am providing you some tips to control it : maintain the hygienity of your baby i.e. the things baby putting in mouth. changes in diet can help to get rid of diarrhoea. give your baby frequent breastfeeding and keep his/her body hydrated. give you baby of foods like potato puree, carrot puree, mashed banana ,Rice Water is also a good option to control loose motion. but if the frequency of motion increases then you should consult to doctor once for medication.
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Question: my daughter is 27 days old...her poop is watery and she is crying alot....passing stool thrice or four times a day..what to do????please help
Answer: Its normal for newborn to pass frequent watery poops. Newborn intestines do not absorb feed very well sometime and much of it is excreted into stool. newborns cry when they poop and pee dont worry.
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Question: My daughter is 20 months old and her weight is 9.2kg. What should be the expected age for girls in india? Her birth weight is 2.5 kg
Answer: Baby weight is very good.. 5month girl baby ka weight hona chaiey 6.2 se lekar 9.3 tak.. or uska hight hona chaiey 63.1cm se 69.2 cm its normal...
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