6 months old baby

Question: Hii.. Should i always put him in daiper.. Is it ok for him..

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Question: Use of daiper in a whole day; is it ok for baby?
Answer: It is important to change diapers after every 2 to 3 hrs because Some little ones have more sensitive skin than others.Keeping the baby longer than this period with a used diaper can cause infections or rashes.
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Question: Using daiper always is there any problem for baby because it is winter iam using daiper for him
Answer: No dear its not a problem. But you should change diaper every 3hrs even if it not too wet. Also give some diaper free time to baby. Apply some pure coconut oil if baby gets diaper rash. As my personal experience, cloth diaper is too good compare to disposable diapers. Because baby does not suffer from diaper rash at all and it is very good to baby. We can reuse cloth diaper. Buy branded one and use it. Avoid disposable. Take care
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Question: hii my baby is 13months old and he is wearing daiper whole night is it good for him?
Answer: Dear it is absolutely fine. My daughtet wore diapers all night as she had the tendency of passing urine after every 25 - 30 min. Hence used diapers. Hope it helps.
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