14 months old baby

Question: Hii... My baby girl is 13 months old,,,at ds age what should be her weight and height??

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Answer: Hi For 13 months old baby girl weight shuold be 9.5 kg and height shuld be 76.9 cm
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Question: My baby is 1.5 yr old..what should be her weight and height...
Answer: Hello dear 1.5 yr old baby weight should be around 10.4kg and his height should be around 79.7 cm.
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Question: What should be the ideal height and weight of my 15 month old baby girl?
Answer: Baby should weight more than 7 kg Dont worry about height n weight it shall be a start - pause - start kind of a system. development itself is dependent upon eating habits of the baby and eating routine of the mother. Prepare different dishes of egg in the winters and let her roam in the house , the more the baby plays feel tired the better she shall eat. Cow milk must be started if u have stopped breastfeeding
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Question: I have a baby girl. I want to know that at this age how much should be her weight and height. actually she is very thin
Answer: 10-12 kgs should be the range in weight and 79-82 cm should be the range of height. But being thin is not a problem until baby is rich in immunity. If baby is immune and reaching all her milestones in time then don't bother much about the weight. Weight and body structure sometime depends on family also. Yes take good care of the diet too. Make sure baby is getting calcium rich diet.you,can start some calcium supplements also.
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