4 months old baby

Question: Hii Mam my baby birth weight is 2.1now. 5.1 is it OK now

3 Answers
Answer: Your baby has gained a good amount of weight dear...at 4 months of age your baby should have gained 2-2.4kgs...and your baby has gained more than that which means that your baby is growing and developing well..
Answer: Yes seems to be very good. Babies usually becomes double of there birth weight by 4 month of age which your baby is.
Answer: The query is been answered..
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Question: My baby girl birth weight was 2.6 n now she's 3.5 months n weight 5.1 is it Ok?
Answer: Yes it is very good. But remember to take care that she doesn't put on more weight. Hi slow. Breast milk always play a very important role in increasing baby's weight You have done a good job
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Question: My baby birth weight is 2.7.now she is 4th month her weight is 5.1 is dat normal weight
Answer: Hi, as per the birth weight the weight gain is fine and nothing to worry. Ideally the baby should gain minimum of 20 gms per day and the gain has been as per that. So nothing to worry.
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Question: My baby birth weight is 2.6 kg. But now his weight 5.1 it is normal weight or not?
Answer: Yes dear, ba weight is fine as per birth weight. Baby generally gains half kg till 1 year so current weight is fine.
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