5 months old baby

Question: Hii Mam, Am a feeding mother of 4 months old baby. I would like to take gluthatione medicine for my skin care and my doubt is if this affect my baby and have any problems. please advise me

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Question: Hii... I'm a mother of 1year old baby... I would like to stop feeding breastmilk.... any suggestions or tips please
Answer: An easier strategy is to reduce breast-feeding sessions slowly over several weeks. Start with the session that seems least important to the baby or the one in which the baby eats the least. Give the baby a few days to adjust before stopping the next feeding session. Repeat the process to eliminate each feeding session, up to the last. The last remaining feeding session, usually an early morning or evening feed, is often the most difficult to give up. Women should allow time for the baby and themselves to adjust. Some women choose to keep this final feeding session going for several additional months. How to stop breastfeeding
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Question: My baby is 3 months old. and she is having cold, please advise best care. If someone has been through.
Answer: Hi my baby had cold so I gave her steam ...within 3 days she was fine...when u give steam the mucus comes out so I used the desi style with hanky softly squeezed the nose but u can purchase the bulb to take out the mucus....u can use nasal saline drops as well if it is severe and the same way to clear the mucus which comes, if any.
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Question: Can a breast feeding mother of a 3.5 months old baby take i pill tblt...if having doubt?
Answer: Some pills are consists of estrogen and increases the levels of estrogen which affects the milk production. Usually pills which consists of progesterone won't affect the milk production. I pill consist of estrogen which affects the milk production so avoid it
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