6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii I'm 6th pregnant women.. I'm suffering from sinusitis nd blocking nose.. It's like very uneasy tome.. What should I do..?

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Answer: Hi dear I would suggest you to please in hills team with a few Tulsi leaves in it it is very effective sir for sinus and blocked nose, you can also try to massage warm oil on your feet chest and back that will also relieve you a lot.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mam I'm suffering from headache. Feeling very uneasy. What should I do?
Answer: for headache remedy u can follow below steps.Do breathing exercise. It relive ur muscles and vain and reduce it headache . Don't let fast blood flow bother u.Eat healthy food. Avoid taking spicy, oily or junk food. Msg is a taste enhancer which is generally added in most of the street food but that is the main cause of headache so avoid junk food as well Chinese food. Maintain blood sugar level by avoiding sweet .Try natural sweet fruits. Cold and warm compress in head will relieve ur headache.Take warm bath.it is also suppose to keep u calm, control blood flow speed and reduce ur headache.Sleep in a proper posture.
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Question: Hlo I'm 6th month pregnant n I'm suffering from cough. What should I do?
Answer: Hello dear.. Cold and cough can cause due to climate changes,food allergy and environmental conditions,home remediesfor cold and cough are as follows.. Boil Tulsi leaves with little pepper and water,hen it reduces to half,have that water for one week,it will be more effective in reducing cough Have vapourisation with little. Tulsi leaves or Vick's,it will reduce cold and cough Drink water,soups ,milk in warm temperature.. Have milk with little pepper powder and palm sugar,best remedy for cold,can also have egg with little pepper and salt, for couple of days it will be effective You can drink chicken soup it will cure cold and cough soon..
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Question: I'm 39 weeks nd 4days pregnant... I'm suffering from body itching since 3 days... Nd night time it's very severed.... Wt should I can do?? Pls suggest me
Answer: Rason of itching is  As baby grows your skin expands. As skin stretches small cracks are formed which can cause dryness. However if these cracks are nourished with high-absorbent oils or eating healthy fats, itching can be prevented.
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Question: I'm suffering from fever nd loose motions . Feeling very low. What should i do?
Answer: Please drink water, juice, or soups to add necessary fluids back into your body...Get ample rest.. also drink ORS, lemonade and coconut water to help maintain the electrolyte balance in your body... and also helps in boosting your energy levels..
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