21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii,I'm 19 weeks pregnant in i had my anomaly scan 2 days ago, which showed 3 soft marks, so my Dr. Suggested me to go for amenosenthesis.....is it a risky process, wht are d complications?

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Answer: Hi dear I am not this is the last of the test that you have to do in order to check genetic disorder. They will remove some fluid from the uterus with a very thin syringe and test this. they shouldn't be much complication don't worry I just hope everything goes well for you because this will be a hard decision. Hugs To you sister
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    Shital Chavan402 days ago

    Thanku so much dear.....

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    Rony roy402 days ago

    Repeat anomaly scan again in another sonography center...den take any action

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Question: I had my anomaly scan about a week ago in which echogenic heart was seen. Is there anything to worry about? What does echogenic heart exactly mean?
Answer: Hi dear, It is called echo intracardiac focus.it is caused by mineralisation or small calcium deposits.it is usually not harmful but needs further examination in future scans.echogenic intracardiac focus is linked to a suspected cardiac malformation or may lead to a congenital heart defect at birth in some cases.However, the most worrisome effect that it may have is that it signals the presence of Down’s syndrome.so if doctor suspects any of such issues then you might need an aminocentesis.....
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Question: I'm 23 weeks pregnant. 3 weeks ago I had an anomaly scan. There is a presence of choroid plexus cyst (5mm). My double marker test results was normal. It shows low risk. Is there any problem. Please reply
Answer: No dear. If the double marker test has shown low risk it is negative which means everything is absolutely normal. Please do not get stressed. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have completed my 19 weeks yesterday according to my first ultrasound. but yesterday when i had anomaly scan it showed 18w5d maturity. will it be adjusted later, if I eat more? I'm worried.
Answer: Np any issue there were only 2 days difference. Baby is not growing equally all the time, sometimes it will be seen like less days sometimes more, moreover all babies are different
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