3 months old baby

Question: Hii,I am feeding mother my baby is supposed to drink milk only right side,she is not drinking left side, can't understand what might be the reason.can anyone help me plz.very much worried.

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Answer: Hello! This situation arrives only because of us being uncomfortable. Left side is not that comfortable for you. That is why the feeling gets passed to the baby and then react in this way. Try to change position and feed in position which you are comfortable. You will find the baby soon taking feed. Take care
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    navya sree594 days ago

    Can I use woodwards for baby

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Question: she is not drinking milk only taking brest feeding?
Answer: At ds young age u can mould d kids d way u want to...jus require little bit of efforts and patience....meanwhile keep trying to give milk in different forms...mix milk in atta while making d dough..u can also give homemade paneer, cheena, kheer,sandesh, custard, milk shake, yogurt, white sauce...everything homemade
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Question: My baby not drink mother feed... She drinking only powder milk... What can we do... Is it major problem when baby drink only powder milk... Plzzz tell me.....
Answer: It's not good actually and even not natural also. Baby growth will depends on when baby takes mother milk only. Ask your doctor. Your doctor will tell you the position how to feed the baby
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Question: My baby is not drinking left side breast milk, what will be the problem?
Answer: There is no problem at all..it depends on the baby comfort..my first child also did the same..try to feed if not then use breast pump on left side..don't left it otherwise..
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