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Question: Hii.. I am 6 months pregnant. Sometimes we had intercourse, sometimes i also masturbated. What i read on internet , intercourse n masturbation is good and nothing to worry in it but i want to know does it is affect on baby's mental health ??? Like i read something, i listen some music baby heard all this things so these things also makes some impact or not??

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Answer: Hello! It does not affect baby's mental health or atleast there is no such study or proof also. There is nothing to worry about it. Yes, definitely read books and listen to songs. You can also read or listen to Garbha Sanskar, it is very good during pregnancy. Take care
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Question: hello..iam undergoing with stress these days due to some family issues.iam 3 months pregnant..just want to know how stress can impact my baby's health and how I can prevent it
Answer: Hi, stress can impact anyone’s health as it directly affects your sleeping and eating. From my personal experience the best thing you can do is be happy during pregnancy, more than the food you eat or anything else. It reflects on your baby and your surroundings, find something that can divert your mind, it could be anything like watching TV, videos, reading. Do things you like and you will see a difference!
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant... Sometimes feel some pressure in lower abdomen.. Is it baby's movement or something else to worry?? I have white discharge too.. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,white discharge is called and is common during pregnancy Pain could be due to expansion of uterus.you should take rest the pain should settle
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Question: till how many times these gastric n nausea will continue..i cudnt eat much things like milk or dal sabji..is it do bad impact on baby's growth
Answer: No not at all it will not affect ur baby unless u r having food
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