35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hieee am jharna am 35weeks pregnant my baby weight is 2.7kgs. Dont have diabetes

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Answer: Hello, thats completely alright I think you are diet must be very good during pregnancy . do lot of physical exercise, walking, yoga, squatting for a normal delivery . All the best.
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    Jharna Mehta830 days ago

    Wamted to kmow doctor says in such case she will induce labor at 38th week but i want my baby to complete nine months is it ok 38th week???

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Question: My baby weight is 2kgs now. Am 35weeks pregnant is it fine
Answer: Hii dear yes ur baby weight is quite low as compare to standard. Right now baby weight should be 2.4 kg. But don't worry it may be sometimes due to genes or may be due to the difference in gestational week and usg week. Do eat healthy foods. for a proper neutrional diet during pregnancy u should include seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables ,dairy foods protein and whole grains. U should have 3 to 4 serving of fruits or dry fruits . For proper supply of vit C u should have one citrus fruit in a day which can include orange, tangerine lemonade. Its always advisable to prefer whole fruit i spite of juice as it is low in fibre containt and never opt for packed juice as it is high in sugar and added agent. But if u still have juice as sometimes due to morning sickness expected mom prefer having juice then take 1 glass in a day. Take 3 to 5 serving of vegetable. Easiest option to include all required neutrients from vegetable u should keep a thought o include all colors. Like spinach carrot beetroot bottle gourd corn pumpkin yellow pepper. These all are of different color so these has to be taken in one day. Similarly u can make a different combination. Dairy products need to be added. milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, etc are used to get the calcium needed for the baby to grow and to keep your bones strong.i f u r lactogen intolerance then prefer soya products. To get protein need  you can consider lean meats, poultry, fish, and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, you can choose beans, lentils, split peas, nuts, and seeds. Prefer whole grains over white flour to help meet your fibre needs. You must have at least six servings of grains every day, with half of them being whole grains, as they are rich in fibre. Fibre is essential for a proper bowel movement and reduces chances of constipation, hemorrhoids and other related conditions.  
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Question: Am 35weeks pregnant my baby weight is 1900gms is it low
Answer: Dear ideally it should be around 2400grams so yes it is low. You can increase your protein intake which would help baby to gain weight. I took mama proteinex for the same reason thrice a day with milk during preganncy. Hopw it helps.
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Question: I am in 35weeks 3days,& my baby weight is 2518(+/-)368gms is it normal
Answer: Hello! Its is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. The weight is fine as per the week... Take care
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