5 months old baby

Question: Hie my baby is doing potty after eevry feedimg is it normal its around 7-8 times a day pls help

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Answer: Hi dear, don't worry it happened with my baby and as babies who pass motion frequently even after each feeding is considered normal. If your baby is acting her usual self, frequent bowel movements aren't a cause of concern unless there's a sudden change in your baby's bowel consistency and her stools become very watery. If you have started your baby on solids, it may also affect the frequency and type of her bowel movement depending on the choice of food you introduce, such as fiber-rich food. Do monitor your child's diet by keeping a food journal and observe her reaction to the new food you have introduced for at least a week.
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Question: my daughter is doing potty 7-8 times a day...Is it normal??? she is 8 months old..
Answer:  If your baby has loose motion, one of the most common reason could be teething in babies.  Wash all the toys, tether etc. in a mild soap solution or dip into a disinfectant.  Cook a half a cup of rice powder with enough water for ten minutes.  Add a teaspoon of salt and some more water to make it up to 1 liter. Give your baby some spoonful of this liquid to fill up any lost salts or fluids. You do not have to force-feed the baby. A diarrhoea-stricken person needs more liquids than solids.  Babies who eat solids should continue with their normal food.  Foods that are rich in soluble fiber like oats, carrots and bananas good during this time. You must give light-foods to your babies. Dal ka paani (Dal water Dahi or curd – Easy natural treatment Khichdi (cook with more water to make it soft) Bananas (Works great) Coconut water – helps in re-hydration too. If your doctor prescribes medicines, do ask for its side effects, it’s important to give your baby sufficient sleep and rest.
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Question: My baby is doing potty 7-8 times in a day from one week ???
Answer: Hello dear, it is common for breast-fed babies to poop 7-8 times a day... because breast milk is easily digestible so passing motion frequently is just an indication that the baby is digesting the breast milk well... So don't worry dear...
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Question: My baby is 4 month old n she is doing green potty help 7 to 8 times in a day
Answer: Check out if she z running nose then she must have caught cold.. else nothing to worry.. it depends on our diet as well as she must be on BM..
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