13 months old baby

Question: Hie my baby is 13months old she is suffering from motions and vomitings cold nd cough she is not eating anything plz suggest me some foods to feed her

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Answer: Hello dear U can feed following food items to ur baby if he is having cold and cough: 1. Vegetable daal soup 2. Apple and carrot soup 3. Tomato soup 4. Mushroom soup 5. Stewed apple 6. Pomegranate juice 7. Mashed potatoes 8. Sweet Potatoes 9. Broccoli 10. Carrots etc.
Answer: Hello dear it is viral, consult doctor.. And give plenty of water, ors, ligt food like kanji, oats, take 1glass water and lemon juice and honey mix to the water and give it is reloef from cold and cough.. Avoid cold food items and give hot food..
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Question: My baby is suffering from cough and cold due to which she is not eating anything. Plz suggest
Answer: Good evening dear... Hope everything is fine at your end... There is nothing to worry, it is common in babies to not have appetite during cold and cough... Try to give crispy finger food... Like murmura, crispy chapatis or dosa, roasted makhana ....i used to give and the baby used to still have these.. Also you can try warm soups.. That is soothing also.... Hopefully this helps you... Take care and get well soon baby..
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Question: Hi mam my baby 13months she suffered cold and cough she is not eating anything
Answer: It means he is infected a lot... Dear instead of trusting on home remedies take him to the doctor immediately .. he will refer you medicines... Home remedies works only when infection is just very little and baby is still joyful and playfull
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Question: My daughter is not well she is suffering from cold and cough plz suggest some homeremedies
Answer: Hi dear, Cold and cough in babies are quite normal as their immune system is still developing.comfort your child by keeping him warm in this changing weather. Make him sip warm fluids through out the day,that will help him to stay warm inside the body and also flush out germs. Massage his feet and palms with warm mustard oil. Steam is an excellent decongestant.put few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and make the child inhale it. You can also make him sip this decoction.boil some water,put few tulsi leaves,cloves,grated ginger,half teaspoon ajwain. Reduce it little,and make him drink 1 table spoon every hour.stop any kind of dairy and fruits at this stage.you can make clear soups for him with crushed pepper. Tomato soup would also be good.as it is rich in vitamin C which would help his immune system to go stronger.add pinch of turmeric in whatever soup you make.its antiinflammatory agent would fight his infection. Viral infections would finish its course by 2 weeks atleast.......
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Question: my 18 months baby suffering with motions and vomiting not eating anything....plz tell me wht should i feed her
Answer: Motions and vomitings can be due to infection. Consult your pediatrician for examination and treatment keep your baby hydrated which is very essential at this point of time. Feed her with very light food. Curd rice can also help you baby.
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