25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hie am 23 weeks bt my belly is so small so am getting tense

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Answer: Don't worry. It's due to Gene's also. Even my belly is so small no one .
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Question: Hie am 24 weeks pregnant bt my belly is very small it's not growing at all and at which week the belly start growing big plz tell me
Answer: No worries dear even I have small belly in my pregnancy every one used compare my tummy with others, I spoked with doctor regarding this she said if your having first baby,you need sometime to stretch your tummy muscles and if you having healthy baby tummy size is not a matter of concern 🤰👩‍⚕️
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Question: Mam I am 23 weeks pregnant but my belly size is small , is this any hermfull
Answer: Not at all dear.baby bump cannot confirm the health of your baby .moreover first time mothers would have smaller bump compare to second time mothers.as long as your baby is healthy,dnt worry about the bump size now.and anyways you are going to get bigger soon😄
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Question: Hie am 22 weeks pregnant but my belly is very small, but when I went to 20 weeks scan Dr said that every thing are normal bt am not increasing my belly is these I should worry for these am getting tense.?
Answer: I don't think you should be worrying about your tummy size when the doctor says every is normal.each pregnancy is different and so is the tummy size
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