23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..yesterday night when i lie in right side i feel single bubble sensation at two times only..one time i feel it inside my belly ( side of my navel ) and another time i feel it near my vagina..what is this ?? Is this my baby movemnt ??? My baby is in inside the vagina or side of my navel ??? Where my baby is ???

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Answer: Hi dear this is the baby movement at this time to babies small so this is just below your navel. It is always a kind of vibration at this time. Enjoy the moment take care
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Question: Hai im 16 weeks pregnant and i feel some bubble like movement near belly button. Sometimes i feel being pushed inside near my belly button. I feel this on laying down on my back and not on my sides.
Answer: Hello dear, the bubble like movement is probably is your baby moving.. because generally the baby movements are felt between 16-20 weeks of pregnancy...and it does feel like bubbling or fluttering in your abdominal region...though you maybe able to feel this lying on your back.. please don't sleep on your back...it is advisable to sleep on the left side as it improves blood circulation to your heart and allows the blood to flow freely to the fetus in the uterus..
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Question: I feel bubble typw movemnt in lower stomch and near vgina too wat is dat
Answer: Hello dear, it's your baby moving... generally between 16-20 weeks your baby's movements are felt for the first time.. they feel like bubbling or fluttering in your abdomen... because the baby is really small and kicks are pretty mild...but as your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows the kicks are bound to get stronger.. all the best dear..
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Question: hi.. I feel burning sensation near navel while coughing. is it normal
Answer: hello.. dear it is common and normal.. it might be due to Stretching of the Abdominal Skin and Muscles,Uterine Pressure, Belly Button Protrudes Outwards,Umbilical Hernia... while coughing put hand near your abdomen and cough.. so that it might not hurt your navel area.. if the pain is more you need an advice from doctor
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