11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi,yesterday i was having pain on my abdomen continuesly .i went to the doctor her gave me dophaston medicine and urine infection medicine..i want to know is my baby safe?as doctor didnt told me anything..

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Answer: Is there any risk factor??
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Question: Yesterday I went to doctor and he gave me an treatanus injection.what was that for?
Answer: Hi Dear, TT injection is given during pregnancy to safe from tetanus disease which is caused by bacteria. Tetanus us very dangerous disease and affects on nervus systems and leads to death. Hence it is mandatory during pregnancy.
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Question: My, 4 months daughter is having a skin infection on her cheek... Doctor gave her antibiotics is it safe
Answer: I Dear! If her Paed has suggested it shud be working and safr ft the baby, thr r few circumstances whr you cant help but has to offer medicine, hence dont worry it will all be fine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi doctor From yesterday am having fever, went to doctor and they gave the tablet for fever. Fever is there know is that safe?
Answer: good .. take care of ur self.. drink water milk.. fresh fruit juices.. idli.. give rest to yr body.. dont think anything negative give stress to ur self dear .. be happy do the things which u like
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