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Question: Hi yesterday i took pregnancy test it showed only one line but after few hours one faint line appeared what does that means?

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Answer: Hello faint line means you are pregnant bit its early pregnancy that is why it's not showing so get a lab urine test done my dear to get accurate results..
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Question: Yesterday only one line showed but today morning showed faint line on same kit
Answer: Test has to be done after 14 days of missed period you can repeat the test if carried out early. Your body need certain time to produce hormones to show up in the test.
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Question: Today i did prega pregnancy test one strong line and one faint pink line appeared what does it mean?
Answer: Dear, Weak positive pregnancy test means one line is dark which is the control LINE which will always be dark and the other line is tested LINE which can be light pink or can be dark pink since you have tested very early in pregnancy the line is faint so you are pregnant. and I will request you to go to your gynaecologist tomorrow and discuss your report. Your gynae will advise you to wait for a week's time to do an ultrasound and if possible tomorrow she will take your beta HCG blood test to identify your HCG levels do not worry go to your Dr tomorrow
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Question: Faint positive line appeared on home pregnancy test and disappeared after few seconds? What it indicates
Answer: Hi,. A positive line wont disappear after few seconds,it remains as control line remaind as such.Try to do another test after 3-4 days,if you can't wait for such a long time yoi can go for blood hcg test, where minute concentration of hcg can be known.
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