5 months old baby

Question: Hi, when to give foods to baby or shal i start to give a food ,if i want to start means what are all the food have to give... Pls help me out

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Answer: On 6 month onwards u can start to give solid food, first introduce semi solid foods, well cooked and mashed. Stewed apple, mashed banana, dhal rice, veg soup etc..
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Question: Hi friends,Suggest me plz what are all the solid foods can be given to 6 months old baby
Answer: Hi give exclusive breastfeeding your baby till 6 months of age.after 6 months of age you can start with dal rice , moon dal puree, rice kanji, spinach and dal mash, tomato soup, apple puree, boiled mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, add 1 item every 3rd day, give 2-3 serve in a day time and continue breast feed as a main source of food till 9 months of age.take care
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Question: Hi, mam I have 5 month old baby. what type of food I have give to the baby.
Answer: Don't anything other than brestfeed or formula milk,when baby turn 6 month thn u can strat with fruit purees.
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Question: I want my baby to be fair and healthy what are foods that I should eat
Answer: You should take care of your diet you need more amount of healthier foods like green vegetables fresh fruits whole wheat grains salads coconut water lemon water milk curd Lassi butter milk shake juices . for baby skin colour you should have citrus fruits like orange Keanu sweet lime
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