26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi when i went for washroom i got a little amount of blood so will it harmful for my baby? Or i should wait for sometime for the next going fot washroom

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Answer: Hello dear, little spotting is ok in pregnancy. Don't panic. But if you feel increase in amount of blood with sharp pain then you can consult your doctor.
Answer: Plz contact doctor
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Question: Hi, I m going frequently for washroom but my urination flow is low..So there will be any risk? Or its harmful?
Answer: No No there is no need to be worried about it its just because ur in 8month of pregnancy all in all change in ur baby weight has taken place development in his or her body taken place which make ur bladder heavy so every then and now u feel like u want to go to urinate.
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Question: 36 week: I saw little mucous today when I went to washroom. Colour of mucus was whitish green no blood
Answer: Hi dear this is your mucus plug it happens before delivery this is a sign that your cervix is going to open. Don't worry it is normal. But if the discharges a lot then it can be the amniotic fluid in that case you should visit the doctor
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Question: When i pee a little amount of brown colour blood comes with urine.. is it ok?
Answer: Hi Some may get implantation bleeding that is spotting in pregnancy but please do intimate to gyanocologist and should be followed regularly without skipping medicines to avoid complications..take care
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