28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, when do we start to feel the kicks clearly? I have started to feel it sometimes, but not recognizable most of it. This is my finrst pregnancy.

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Question: hi my 26 week is running. sometimes i feel baby kicks but not so strong .
Answer: Hello During your last few weeks of ur pregnancy the movements felt are very few due to the less available space this is completely normal. There is also abdominal pain or tight feeling. Due to the pressure ur baby s putting on the surrounding muscles and organs. Eat light meals take walks be happy and stress free.
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Question: When do we actually start feeling the kicks of the baby?
Answer: Hello You can feel ur baby move by 18 or 20 th week of ur pregnancy. You may feel something called quickening it's a fluttery movement in ur belly like a little butterfly it is same as kicking just the early kicks are called quickening. They are feeble as ur baby is too little to feel.
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Question: As i started to feel my baby kicks but sometimes with kick it creates urine pressure ...so i want to ask is that normal or not....
Answer: Hi dear yes it happens when baby is giving pressure to ur bladder. Its quite common to few moms. Don't worry. U can use panty liner and try to take rest if this happen.
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