38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi what's the price for stem cell preservation in Delhi NCR?

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Question: Is anyone planning for stem cell preservation?
Answer: It is very common nowadays to store stem cells for future. But this is only till storing for you have to use it you will have to find the doctor as this is not commonly practiced in India. You me also opt for delayed cord clamping in which way umbilical cord is not cut off until it stops to pulsate.
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Question: Is stem cell preservation useful?
Answer: Stem cell preservation is very useful. But the cost of preserving it is very high. Do check the rates and compare it. Choose the right place after that. Stem cells have the ability to change into any tissue of organ in body. It is very helpful in treatment for future purposes.
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Question: Stem cell preservation cost in india
Answer: Hi dear it varies from company to company.pls ask about it where u want to preserve the cell.
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