16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, what and medical tests I should go thru by this time, like blood, thyroid

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Answer: hi yes you should do the basic blood test like sugar test D3 levels test to check the hemoglobin to check the thyroid levels so all this test should be suggested by your doctor please consult a doctor for this and do this test is required
Answer: Hi dear, U can do sugar test,thyriod,sugar and urine test also
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Question: May i know what is thyroid?? And its symptoms b'us till now i didnt go through any thyroid tests so
Answer: Hello Tgyroxyin is a harmone secreted by a glad called thyroid. This gland due to pregnancy harmones sometimes secretes more thyroxycin or less tgyroxyin based on dis ur doctor will prescribe medication and give u a diet. With dis you can control and maintain the thyroid levels so u can have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Get ur self tested it's not good being stressed.
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Question: What medical tests should be done during first trimester
Answer: Blood test for finding blood type,Rh factor and anaemia Urine test,Sugar test,HIV,Hepatitis,immunity to Rubella and Chicken pox and Ultrasound test for general growth conditions of baby and for Downs syndrom.
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Question: What all tests should be done by doctor during pregnancy check ? Vitamin D , thyroid , haemoglobin ?
Answer: These are done.. Apart from that hep, sugar, cbc, esr are few of the compulsory tests dear sis.. 😊
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