20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi today my doctor found hematoma. I dont under stand the seriousness of the finding can any body explain

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Question: Hi.. yesterday i had an ultrasound and doctor found 10cc in homogeneous hematoma. Did anybody also experience the same..
Answer: I had this problem when i was 11 weeks pregnant. My doc gave me progesterone tablets and it got settled.During my next scan that was not there. What your doc suggested?
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Question: Today i dont feel any movement of the baby
Answer: Hi Dear! If you hv all of sudden stopped understanding the movements you should check with your Dr. immediately but you can also walk a bit hv somr cold water in the mean while to see if there is any difference. Good luck!
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Question: Hi doctor, I found that my baby's head is on the left side of my body...can U tell me which side my placenta is??
Answer: I had heard that 97% of right side placentas are boys and 97% of left side placentas are girls
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