17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, today i got my lft test report and my sgot is 84 and sgpt is 184. Is there anything to worry about it? I scared.

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Question: My wife is in 9th month of pregnancy. Yesterday our doctor advised for Liver Function Test(LFT).. In LFT her SGPT is 207 & SGOT is 78 & Alkaline Phosphorus is 176.... Is anything to worry...
Answer: Her liver enzymes are higher than range. Does she have itching more at night on hands and feet? She may be suffering from obstetric cholestatis. If she has itching then it will be relieved by application of aloe vera or calamine based lotions. Meet your doctor immediately and ask about udiliv tabs. Ask your wife to maintain baby movement count daily and visit your doctor twice weekly for check up of heartbeat. Repeat LFT every week. If enzymes increase further, your doctor may advice you on early termination of pregnancy and you should follow your doctor's advice. Hope this information is useful to you.
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Question: I am 7 months pregnant.My SGPT and SGOT has been high in the liver function test yesterday.Is it anything serious to worry about?
Answer: Yes this condition is serious take medications and your gynecologist suggested you to induce labour early or else it will affect your baby and make still birth
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Question: My double marker report came today and it shows low risk.... Is there anything to worry??
Answer: Hi dear, it won't be a problem, it is fine if some results are high then doctor might go with triple marker scan but that too if risk is high.
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