8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...today I had my lunch n I have eaten spicy home made rajma chawal...now my stomach is like burning...is there any harm for baby ???plz reply...m feeling guilty now...😔

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Answer: No problem asyou have eaten it once but don't eat much oily and spicy food hereafter dear
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    Nancy Dubey375 days ago

    Thanku ... Yes I'll take care 😊

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Question: I have taken very spicy chicken now my stomach feeling some burning type what to do?
Answer: Hi.. Dear acidity is a common problem in pregnancy due to hormone changes. You can get rid of acidity by drinking lots of water. You can soak the cumin powder in water over night, drink it in the morning, on empty stomach. It helps a lot to reduce acidity. Cold milk also helps. Avoid spicy food and food stuff that is hard to digest. Eat in small portions at regular intervals. Avoid late night eating. Do not consume any tablet on regular basis, without consulting your gynaecologist..
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Question: yesterday i had home made chicken in dinner....bt now i m feeling tight stomach and feeling like there is nothing in my womb....is it normal?
Answer: If you have a lot of gas, avoid oily, spicy foods and heavy pulses such as rajma or chana that produce gas. You can eat them again when you feel better. A good home remedy for bloating and gas is to boil three or four teaspoons of fennel seeds (saunf) and cumin (jeera) in one litre of water. Cool it and take frequent sips through the day with a bit of sugar to make it tasty.
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Question: Why i have burning like feeling in right side stomach?? Is there any problem..
Answer: It could be due to acidity dear...so drinking some cold milk will help reduce this burning sensation..
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