18 months old baby

Question: Hi to all , my daughter is 1 and a half year old . Since last night she is doing vomiting while sleeping , she ate khichdi last night and did vomiting in morning and in morning she drunk half cup milk and vomit while having ..what to do

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Answer: Consult a doctor as soon as possible..
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Question: My three year child having stomach infection and vomiting since last night
Answer: See your pediatrician today because if there is a stomach infection then your baby will also pass loose stools for diarrhoea to stop vomiting you can give on them to ML half an hour before feeding so that we we can eat food properly but if your baby is also having diarrhoea the devil advise you to give him liquid diet curd ricemong dalita, makki rab and curd exactra to regain The Lost you can also start ORS for a baby n seek medical help if there diarrhoea crosses 8 to 9 times per day new doctor advise you to give enterogermina tufpro or sporolac sachat please see your pediatrician
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Question: My daughter is doing continues vomiting she is eating nothing. And getting hungry not sleeping also
Answer: Hello dear It is Worrisome, if ur baby is not eating anything. As all the babies at this age are doing the same. It might be due to various reasons: 1. Does not like the taste of food he eat 2. They don't like the texture of food So, make for baby different taste food so that baby can enjoy the food and love the taste.
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Question: My baby is 1 and half year old. She is having coughs and cold, plz suggest me how to remove coughs because it creates problem for her.... So many times she did vomiting while coughing.
Answer: Hello dear Give steam to ur baby. Heat mustard oil with ajwain and garlic and apply oil on baby's chest, feet, palm at night it will give very relief.
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