25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi thr!Just want to know i travel yesterday n today n i got lot swelling on my feet is that normal.n some swelling on my face to.pls advice which home remedy

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Answer: Which home remedy i can do to get rid of swelling.thank you
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Question: Hello everyone. Today I got some blisters on my face as I applied Bleech on my face yesterday. I think that doesn't suit me. Now I got soframycin but Googled it before use and it shows its not safe to be used during pregnancy. Suggest me some home remedy or something to soothen my face.
Answer: Hi, apply aloe Vera gel. It is very good. Also you can apply fresh rose water on the face. It helps. Lastly apply sandal wood powder on the affected area and keep it overnight.
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Question: Hi i m 6th mnth pregnant nd u hav got swelling on my face nd feet i knw its common symtom but help me to reduce my face swelling is there any medicine or home remedy to reduce it?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it's common for the swelling during pregnancy.there is no medicine as such,but drink plenty of water to avoid any water retention.swelling of face and puffiness of eyes needs to be checked with doctor.as it could be sign of preclamsia .put cold compress on face for minor swelling.for leg swelling you should avoid standing in one place for long and also keep your legs on elevated place.
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Question: I have swelling on my feet, a little on my hands and just today a little swelling on my face. Hope this is not something to worry about?
Answer: Hi..swelling is not a troublesome symptom..its common only..keep a pillow below ur feet while sitting,sleeping..keep them elevated often..drink more fresh juices and water..do gentle massages with oil of ur choice and have hot water bath.. sleep well follow a healthy diet take care.
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