16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. this app shown that 10cm baby while I'm in 14th week.. but when I went to checkup.. there is only 5.6cm baby shown in reports.. is there any problem.. please give a solution for baby growth

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Question: Hi..i went for checkup today, my LMP was april 15th. When i went today doctor said the growth is not like 9 weeks. She said its in size of a rice grain only. Is there any problem here? Please let me know if there is any solution. Also my cycle is 40 days cycle.
Answer: Just ask your doctor the same question and don't stop there get a second or even third opinion technologies are great today and anything can be made right don't get scared eat healthy foods avoid lifting weights and sex your angel will arrive safe and sound
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Question: When I was 31 weeks , I had a scan Dr said that my baby is 32 weeks in growth. Is there any problem in this?
Answer: No there is no problem. Stay calm and relaxed. Do not take stress. Enjoy this time and take lots of water
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Question: My baby was continuously hiccups coming if there problem fr that please give me a solution
Answer: Burp the baby after every feed dear....this is one way to reduce hiccups..also one more thing that does wonders is placing a thread over the baby's head wetted with some of your saliva... this somehow miraculously helps reduce hiccups...it worked on my son..I don't know the scientific explanation but this is something that's been followed in my place for ages..try it dear..
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