19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, tamarind can take by diabetes and hypertension patient in pregnanc

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Answer: Yes dear but in moderation only. Have it only rarely and small quantity. Hope it helps.
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Question: can diabetes and hypertension leads to miscarriage?
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes it can lead to miscarriage thats why Hypertension needs to be controlled and so is Diabetes pls hv a good diet avoid all fried, sweets, junks and restaurant food, walk a lot, mediate, avoid salt in food etc. needs to be maintained well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am habit in hypertension patient what medicine should I take for Hypertension
Answer: Hi dear. Medicine should be taken after proper checkup so you should visit a good doctor and a first you will have to go for that only then it will be decided that which medicine should be taken. You avoid eating oily and spicy food.
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Question: Can i take tamarind achar in 5weeks 4days pregnancy
Answer: Usually pregnant women will have cravings for foods like pickles and ice cream. Having pickle ones in a while in moderation would be fine and would not cause any harm.
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