19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, tamarind can take by diabetes and hypertension patient in pregnanc

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Answer: Yes dear but in moderation only. Have it only rarely and small quantity. Hope it helps.
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Question: can diabetes and hypertension leads to miscarriage?
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes it can lead to miscarriage thats why Hypertension needs to be controlled and so is Diabetes pls hv a good diet avoid all fried, sweets, junks and restaurant food, walk a lot, mediate, avoid salt in food etc. needs to be maintained well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant women and diabetes patient can you help me what to do
Answer: Following are a few suggestions that you can observe. But always check with your nutritionist or dietitian for dietary recommendations. Eat less, but more frequently Consume lesser carbohydrates, but do ensure that what you have come from a good source of carbohydrates such as whole grain cereal/wholegrain bread or porridges Eat pulses as they are rich in protein Take moderate amounts of dairy products for calcium Include green leafy vegetables for iron source Include more vegetables and fruits Include more fish in your diet but exclude fishes which have high mercury content (eg: tuna, shark, swordfish etc) Avoid packet foods which is labelled unsuitable for diabetic patients Avoid raw/uncooked eggs and unpasteurized milk Reduce sugar and salt intake Reduce fat intake Besides tat exercise regularly n tak medicine prescribed by doc on time
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Question: Hi i am suffering with hypertension, any home remedies which i can take along with medicines
Answer: Do some Exercise. ...Control Sodium Intake. ...Eat Bananas. ...De-stress. Don't Smoke.
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