15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi sometimes my stomach is getting little bump n smetimes I feel heavy n smetimes I feel like nthng z der in stomach y is it hpns is it k

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Answer: Hello!! It is normal. This happens during the early pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about it. Take care
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Question: Sometimes y iam feeling like der is nthng in my tummy n nt feeling as a pregnant also yyy is it hpns like dat
Answer: Hello! These are all hormonal. All these happens due the different hormonal changes in the body. Don't worry it is absolutely normal. Take care
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Question: Mam i feel like ...kind of dizziness its like how to xplain i feel.like nerves in brain are moving ...sometimes i feel my head z beating same like heartbeat ..y it z so ..my baby z 4months old
Answer: Don't feel stress. Stay calm. Be cool. Go with ur fav music. Eat blackberries and kiwi fruits Go with comedy clippings
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Question: In which month can I feel the baby movements more...? Sometimes I feel like there's nthng in my stomach n panic sometyms.. May I kno y's dat...
Answer: That is not a pblm baby moments starts from 18th to 24th week it's depends
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