29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..sometimes i feel baby kick on my bladder..bcz at that time i have tendency to urinate...is that normal

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Answer: It's normal...it happened with me so I consulted my doctor and she said it's normal..it still happens with me
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Question: Sometimes I feel baby heartbeats near vaginal area and that time I want to urinate
Answer: Hi, dear as you are in your last weeks of pregnancy so baby is big and puts alot of pressure on your bladder which can cause frequent urge to pee. So dont worry it's absolutely normal.
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Question: I feel my bladder full.. but when i urinate, quality will be less. Is this normal?
Answer: Dear it can happen because of dehydration. So drink lots and lots of fluid throughout the day that will help you get proper pee..
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Question: Hi sometimes I feel kick in vagina ,is it normal ?
Answer: Hello, Dear Unless the baby is breech...they aren't actually kicks... Although, it feels like it. These sharp pains (kick like pains) are really pressure of the baby's head on the cervix... to start the thinning and dialating process. If it's not Painfull then it's completely fine. Otherwise get it checked if you have low lying placenta.
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