20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , right now I am into lot of mental stress due to my in laws Nature. It is affecting my sleep also. I always feel to speak openly with them or my husband. But somethings pull me back and I hold family problems within me. Please tell me what to do. My in-laws problem is always they are taking lot of financial help from husband which is not necessary too.

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Answer: hello dear, I understand your problem but remember one thing this is a special time when you should think only about your baby not anyone else. I will suggest you to listen good musics, talk to your baby, don't think anything else. only healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby. so your concern should be your baby.
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    Jaspreet Kaur Sahota600 days ago

    When baby will come in your life ...everything will be fine ...so take care about your health first then you give birth to healthy baby ...

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    Sharda Chaoji600 days ago


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    Rami Sugan599 days ago

    Hi dear, tell your concern to your husband... That yo not happy... If he's ready to listen... Or better go stay with your parents with whom you'll be happy... Listen to god songs... Specially garbharakshambi goddess songs

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Answer: Meditation helps keep one calm and with day to day stress... You may talk to a trusted friend or family member about your problems, alternatively please seek counseling if you are too stressed out.
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Question: I have always had problems with my husband he is irresponsible he acts accordingly to situation he is not true to anyone he only wants his family to be happy n always be center of attraction in his family I have always had mental torture I thought after I conceive he may change a bit but still I face same mental torture with him I don't know what to do with this kind of husband I am worried a lot about the baby
Answer: Don't worry about your husband. Just take care of your baby. This advice was given to me by my mom. Now I told you. Don't think about your husband. Speak with your baby. If you take care of your baby now, definitely he will take care of you... just focus on your baby only.. and pray to GOD.. All the best ....
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Answer: Hi,this is the problem fa wd by many couples,in this case you should spend a quality time with your husband,try to help him to reduce his stress and give h that love which will help him to reduce that stress.
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