37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , present I'm 36 weeks pregnant, what is cephalic presentation with left occipital anterior position

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Question: Hi .. I'm 36 weeks pregnant.. my baby is in anterior upper segment and cephalic presentation is there. Whether normal is possible for Me??
Answer: Hie Yes dear don't worry Anterior upper segment implies your placenta is attached to the front wall or lining of uterus towards top of uterus away from cervix Cephalic presentation means your baby is in head down position Both the above conditions are favourable for normal delivery Just maintain a healthy diet,don't take stress and stay active
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Question: What does Cephalic presentation with left occipital transverse mean?
Answer: Hi dear cephalic presentation is presentation of baby in your stomach it means your baby was in head on position when your scan was done.
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Question: When having anterior plancenta with cephalic presentation is it anterior or posterior position of baby?
Answer: Hi dear,it is a anterior position it means the placenta is setteled on the front wall of uterus,it is normal.
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