6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi now i m 30 yrs ivf failed last year... now i m pregnent by naturally .. can i travell to working place every day.. its 3km from my home..

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Answer: Best is to seek permission from ur doctor. Vis-a-vis u can travel, but travel safe like take a car, avoid jerks n bumpers, choose a plain n smooth road. Ask the driver to avoid bumpers. All the best
Answer: Hi I feel you should be avoid daily up and down at least for first three months. Most important, u connect with ur doctor for every step
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Question: I m pcos patient and trying to conceive for last 5 years. Last month i had IVF but its failed. What should be my next step?
Answer: Hi! IVF can be tried later on as well but if your doctor has the suggested you to go for IVF and the treatment of PCOS is has not helped you then you might be needing to wait for quite some time please have discussion with your gynecologist as far as I know if one cycle of IVF failed there are other attempts that can be made ..
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Question: I have a que.....as a i m working ladie.....daily going to office by scooty....2to 3km.....is safe now a days....plz suggest me....
Answer: Hi,it is better to avoid using two wheeler during the first trimester,also it depends on factors like pregnancy related.so better to be on safer side consult to the Dr.Also be very careful,in case Dr gives you permission,no haste,rude slowly,to avoid immediate jerks.
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Question: Hi im 9 week pregnancy actually im working i can travel by bus every day
Answer: If ur pregnancy is not having any complication. U can travel by bus. Also take care of urself. Doctors tell u to avoid due to bumpy roads so make sure u take care of urself from those.
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